In Greek, the word used to describe God's unconditional love is "Agape" (“For God so loved the world."-John 3:16). This message of God’s love without boundaries is the foundation of AGAPE* Dave's ministry. It's the love that persists in spite of hatred, ignorance and sin. It's the love that conquers death by pouring itself out for the sake of an enemy. AGAPE* has come up with an acronym to explain this name even further: The ‘A’ at the beginning stands for African American/Asian American/Arab American. The ‘E’ at the end represents the European American, and the ‘GAP’ represents the expansive space that currently exists between us in our society. Not just confined to cultural barriers, we also are divided along lines of economics, ideology, politics, etc. The only way to truly bridge this divide is through God's compassionate and boundless love, known as "Agape". 

"An overflowing love, which seeks nothing in return, AGAPE* is the love of God operating in the human heart." -Martin Luther King Jr.